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All netball takes place at Pinehurst School, 75 Bush Road, Albany. Your school team, or group of friends (not connected to a school) is invited to…


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Welcome to the 2021 Season!

The draws for the remainder of the competition round are now available. Please see important Competition and Grading notes below the ‘Draws’ button.

Draws are final and will not be changed.

The draw for Saturday 11th September will be published closer to the time. Please note that ALL teams will have a game on this day.

Once you have selected your competition, you can also view your results under the ‘Results Tab’ and see the overall table under the ‘Standings Tab’. The date range can be changed to filter the draws and results by whatever date you wish.

Results and Standings information can be found on the Results page here.


📣 DRAW for 3 July 

Grading games have finished for the majority of the teams and the results are now being processed. This will delay the release of the draw for 3 July. We hope to post the draw by Tuesday evening – thank you for your patience.

Further information regarding grading will be emailed to the school co-ordinators and posted with the draw.

Please keep checking this page for updates.

📣 Reminder:
We do not have cancellations for wet weather.
🖥️ Please refer to our Frequently asked Questions page for the Kidzplay Netball weather policy.

Competition & Grading

All teams, except Year 1, have now been graded and are in competition.

PLEASE NOTE: Kidzplay Netball does not enter into discussion over grading decisions and Grades are final and will not be changed.

YEAR 1 is non-competitive so will not be graded. Their draw can be viewed here.

Competition games commenced 3rd July and the draw can be viewed here.

Competition games for Grades Year 5C, Year 5D, Year 6C and Year 6D commenced 3rd July.

Competition games for Grades Year 5A, Year 5B, Year 6A and Year 6B commence 7th August.

The competition draw can be viewed here.

YEAR 5A AND YEAR 6 GRADES play to the following guidelines during the Competition round:

  • Games are four 8 minute quarters with a 1 minute break after quarter 1 and 3, and a 2 minute half time break
  • Teams swap ends at each quarter
  • Teams play straight netball with no compulsory rotations of positions
  • Players may be swapped / substitutions may be made at every interval / half time
  • Year 5 play with a size 4 netball and shoot at 2.6m goal posts
  • Year 6 play with a size 5 netball and shoot at 3.05m goal posts

Please Note

  • All other Year 5 grades will play under the normal rules as the Year 2 – 4 teams (2 x 15 minute halves, weekly rotations, etc).
  • Teams must follow the weekly rotations as per the rules.
  • Any teams not following the rotation rules and/or using players from higher graded teams, will lose points.
  • The draw for Saturday 11th September will be published closer to the time. Please note that ALL teams will have a game on this day.
  • For further information, please check with your School Co-ordinator as they received all the information.

Side Line Behaviour

Please remember: Positive, encouraging words is all that is to be heard by the players on the court and the umpires.

NO comments or words should be uttered about the standard of umpiring. The umpires can hear the comments and it only increases their nervousness and makes matters worse.

No one is to approach an umpire, at Kidzplay, the only person that can is the Captain/Coach in a break and only for rule clarification. Please ask an Umpire Mentor for assistance if you have any issues at all during your games.

N.B. You have to abide by the umpires rules, even if you do not agree with them. NO spectator influence will be accepted!

Thank you for your co-operation.

Worried about the Weather?

We do not cancel any netball games due to wet weather.  Please refer to our Frequently asked Questions page for the Kidzplay Netball weather policy or follow us on Facebook for updates.

Map of Courts

To see the map which outlays our courts, please click here.


  • Draws: During grading the draw will be done weekly. Each week we do our best to get the draw out as quickly as possible – thank you for your patience. Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for updates.
    Once published, draws are final and can not be changed.
  • Grading will be run over the first 6-8 weeks of the league (this is dependent on the team numbers and combinations). 
  • Umpires: Every team requires an umpire. To view whether your team has booked a Kidzplay pool umpire or not, please click here
  • Time Requests: We regret that we are unable to accept any further time requests this season.
  • Rules: Rules & Guidelines for the Winter League can be viewed here.
  • We hope you all enjoy your games and remember Kidzplay Netball is about learning and having fun.
  • For further information about the 2021 Season, please contact your school’s netball co-ordinator.


Click here to view Golden Rules for everyone at Alert Level 1.

Please click here to find our latest updates about changes to our events, due to COVID-19.

NB:  All 2021 dates subject to Auckland being in COVID-19 Alert Level 1.

For further information, please check with your school as we send out information to the School Co-ordinators as and when it becomes available to us.