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All netball takes place at Pinehurst School, 75 Bush Road, Albany. Your school team, or group of friends (not connected to a school) is invited to…


The answers to the questions we get asked most frequently will be posted here…


Welcome to the Results page

Winter League 2020

2020 Results will be posted here once the competition has started. Results of the grading rounds games will not be published.


Spring League

Please note that we do not publish the results of the Spring League as all games are non-competitive.


Winter League 2019

The final results for the 2019 Winter League can be viewed hereA  .pdf copy of the final results can be accessed here.

2019 Winter League Prizegiving

To view the Year 2&3 Prizegiving photos, please click here.
To view the Year 4-6 Prizegiving photos, please click here.