2021 Season

Kidzplay Netball open league

Based in Albany on Auckland’s North Shore, Kidzplay Netball is an open netball league for Years 1–6 Primary School players.

We offer an environment for children to take part in a team sport, to have the opportunity to have fun while learning ball skills, teamwork, fair play and the pure enjoyment of playing a sport.



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Side line Behaviour

Please remember: Positive, encouraging words is all that is to be heard by the players on the court and the umpires.

NO comments or words should be uttered about the standard of umpiring. The umpires can hear the comments and it only increases their nervousness and makes matters worse.

No one is to approach an umpire, the only person that can is the Captain/Coach in a break and only for rule clarification. Please ask an Umpire Mentor for assistance if you have any issues at all during your games.

N.B. You have to abide by the umpires rules, even if you do not agree with them. NO spectator influence will be accepted!

Thank you for your co-operation.

Important Rules to Remember

  • NO taped earrings. Earrings must be removed.
  • All players (except Year 6) MUST rotate positions each week. This is to ensure that all players have the opportunity to learn all the positions.
  • Positions must not be changed at half time. 
  • Teams need to be on court and ready to start play when the bell commences play.
  • NO dogs are allowed on the school grounds please.


Allow extra time to park safely.
Please do not park on private property and/or illegally.

Auckland Transport (AT) will issue parking tickets to those parking illegally and cars will be towed that are parked on private property and that are blocking other vehicles.
There is alternative parking in streets off Rosedale Road west off the lights at the junction with Bush Road.

Important dates for 2021

2021 Winter League

The 2021 Season will run from 15 May to 3 July (excluding 5 June – Queen’s Birthday) and from 31 July to 11 September (14 weeks). All games are played on Saturdays at Pinehurst School.

NB:  All 2021 dates subject to Auckland being in COVID-19 Alert Level 1.

Further information can be viewed here.

2021 Spring League

The Spring League will run from 30 October to 4 December (6 weeks).

NB:  All 2021 dates subject to Auckland being in COVID-19 Alert Level 1.

Further information can be viewed here.

Umpiring courses

Details of our 2021 courses can be found on the Umpires page.

Coaching courses

Please look on our Coaches page for full details of the 2021 courses.

Winter League Prizegiving

When: Saturday 25 September 2021
Venue: Pinehurst School Gymnasium
NB: Subject to Auckland being in COVID-19 Alert Level 1

2021 Calendar

To view the calendar for 2021, please click here.