Kidzplay Netball FAQs
The answers to the questions we get asked most frequently will be posted here.
Q. What happens if it is raining? Where do I find out about cancellations?

We do not cancel any netball games due to the weather. Auckland weather is very fickle. It can be raining at 7.00am and bright sunshine by 8.00am. For this reason we play regardless. If conditions become too difficult we may hold, break or curtail a game.

Individual team managements can decide to default if they consider conditions are unsuitable. However, we do ask that you advise us as early as possible so that we can contact the other team or make alternative arrangements. We can be contacted on Saturdays on 021 172 9644.

Note that netball is primarily a winter sport and rain is not considered a safety hazard.

If the Met Service have issued a Severe Weather Warning we will review the situation on Saturday morning and post a message on this website and/or our Facebook page as soon after 7.00am as possible.

Players can wrap up warm with school jerseys or thermals. As long as the bibs are visible we are happy for extra layers to be worn.

If you are on court during a downpour your coach in consultation with the opposition coach has the right to decide to withdraw the team to shelter until rain stops/eases. However, please note that due to time restrictions (and other games continuing to play) the clock will continue to run and games kept to schedule.

Q. My daughter wants to play netball, how do I register her?
Registration to play netball is through schools or clubs. Please contact your child’s school for information.
Q. Do the Year 5 teams play “Kiwi” netball?
The Year 5 teams will play under the same rules as the Year 2 – 4 teams. Games will consist of two 15-minute halves and players will play the same position for the whole game. Teams are required to rotate players through all positions on a game by game basis.
Q. Year 1 six-a-side format
The Year 1 teams play a modified form of netball with six players in each team.
Click here to download the Guidelines for this format
Q. Bibs for the 6-a-side format

Bibs to suit the Year 1 players participating in the 6-a-side format are available from Sports Distributors. Call Wayne Quedley on 021 280 4999 for information and orders.

Q. What time will my games be?
All games are played on Saturdays. For Winter League the first game starts at 8.45 am and play continues to mid-afternoon. The time of the last game depends on the number of teams playing
Q. How long are the games?
The Year 2 – Year 6 games are played as two 15-minute halves with a two minute half time break. There is a three minute changeover between games.
The Year 1 games are two 10 minute halves with a two minute half time break.
Q. How many players can I have in my team?

The standard number of players on court is seven, although the game can start with a minimum of five.

We recommend a maximum of nine players per team. Any number larger than this makes it very difficult to maintain correct player rotation and give all players a fair amount of court time

Q. How do I work out my player rotations?

We require all players in a team to rotate positions each week so that each player gains experience in all aspects of the game. When a team has seven members each player will play in each of the positions once in a seven week period. When a team has 8 or 9 members some will play half a game some weeks.

To ensure everyone gets equitable court time we have developed a handy chart that can be downloaded here.

Q. What uniform should my players wear?

We recommend that players wear shorts and a t-shirt and that team members wear similar clothing to each other. If your school has a PE uniform then that is perfect, especially for the younger players. We don’t expect players to be wearing skirts or netball dresses.

Q. How strictly are the rules enforced?
We have developed a set of Umpiring Guidelines that can be found on the Umpires page. The aim is to allow players to develop from novice to skilled in a fun and friendly environment.
Q. What type/size ball do we use?

All Year 1 – 5 teams play with a standard Size 4 netball (Our match ball is Sports Distributors code NB156). Year 6 play with a Size 5 netball.

For Year 1 and Year 2 teams we recommend slightly under-inflating the ball to make it softer and easier to handle.

Q. What are the season dates for 2020?

Due to COVID-19, the start of the Winter League has been suspended until Term 3. Our 2020 League will now run from 1 August to 19 September and from 17 October to 14 November (excluding 24 October – Labour Weekend) – 12 weeks. 

As the start of the Winter League has been delayed until Term 3, we unfortunately are unable to offer a Term 4 Spring League this year. 

The Winter League runs during Terms 2 & 3. There will not be any games on the Saturday of Queen’s Birthday weekend or the Saturdays of the Term 2 School Holidays. Please note that some games are played in some school holidays.

Q. Prizegiving 2020

The Kidzplay Netball 2020 Prizegiving will be held on Saturday 28 November 2020. More details will be published closer to the day.

In order to protect the health and safety of our players, coaches, officials, staff and supporters, we have made the tough decision to cancel our Kidzplay Netball Prizegivings for this year. We believe the risks are too high for large indoor gatherings until there is more certainty around the control of the virus.