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All netball takes place at Pinehurst School, 75 Bush Road, Albany. Your school team, or group of friends (not connected to a school) is invited to…


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2019 Grade Allocations


Grade: Year1 Kōwhai(Non-competitive)

Albany Fire Flies

Murrays Bay Diamonds

Bayfield Ladybirds

Pinehurst Pixies

BBS Blaze

St John's Daffodils

BBS Force

St Joseph's Twinkle Toes

Dairy Flat Super Stars

Wainui Asteroids

Glamorgan Angels

Willow Park Steel

Glenfield G'babies


Greenhithe Fireflies


Grade: Year 2 Ponga

Grade: Year 2 Kauri

Bayfield Bumblebees

Albany Butterflies

Glamorgan Supergirls

Bayfield Butterflies

Greenhithe Diamonds

BBS Stars

Hobsonville Pt Magic

Hobsonville Pt Redwings

Kristin Dovetails

Mairangi Bay Rainbows

St Johns Poppies

Murrays Bay Rockets

Sunnynook Sunbeams

Pinehill Dragons

Westminster Emeralds

Upper Harbour Ladybirds

Grade: Year 2 Mataī

Grade: Year 2 Rimu

Bayfield Bunnies

City Impact Year 1/2

Forrest Hill Kahus

Coatesville Kitty Kats

Greenhithe Sapphires

Dairy Flat Diamonds

Pinehurst Unicorns

Glamorgan Thunder

Sherwood Pugs

Hobsonville Pt Kittyhawk

St Johns Roses

Marina View Lightning

Wainui Galaxy

Oteha Sparkling Stars

Willow Park Tactics

St Joseph's Hot Shots


Westminster Diamonds

Grade: Year 3A

Grade: Year 3B

Dairy Flat Daisies

Albany Cool Cats

Glamorgan LOL's

Bayfield Comets

Greenhithe Emeralds

Bayfield Stars

St Johns Tulips

BBS Flames

St Joseph's Magic

City Impact Year 3

Torbay Wetas

Coatesville Chilli Peppers

Wainui Stars

Mairangi Bay Tuis

Willow Park Mystics

Sherwood Chihuahuas

Grade: Year 3C

Grade: Year 3D

Bayfield Rockets

CBS Diamonds

CBS Mystics

Greenhithe Shooting Stars

Dairy Flat Dolphins

Marina View Storm

Hobsonville Pt Stars

Murrays Bay Ferns

Kristin Stars

St Johns Sunflower

Mairangi Bay Piwakawakas

Sunnynook Sunrays

Murrays Bay Magic

Torbay Grasshoppers

Target Road Stars

Willow Park Pulse

Year: Grade 3E


Albany Fire Birds


BBS Diamonds


CBS Tuis


Coatesville Stars


Glamorgan Red Pandas


Greenhithe Rubies


Pinehurst Rainbows


St Joseph's Mystics


Grade: Year 4A

Grade: Year 4B

BBS Sapphires

CBS Fantails

Dairy Flat Stingers

Kristin Steel

Glamorgan Flames

Mairangi Bay Thunder

Greenhithe Magic

Torbay Tuis

Marina View Comets

Upper Harbour Bumblebees

Marina View Diamonds

Westminster Sapphires

St Johns Blossoms

Willow Park Firebirds

Wainui Jets


Grade: Year 4C

Grade: Year 4D

Bayfield Fire Bolts

Glamorgan Red Dragons

BBS Ferns

Greenhithe Tuis

Coatesville Fast Foxes

Murrays Bay Tigers

Forrest Hill Keas

Pinehill Ponies

Murrays Bay Mystics

St Johns Daisies

St Johns Bluebells

Wainui Gems

Sunnynook Sunsets

Willow Park Magic

Year: Grade 4E

Year: Grade 4F

CBS Swifts

Albany Wild Cats

Oteha Emeralds

Bayfield Springs

Sherwood Beagles

CBS Magic

St Joseph's Red Ferns

Greenhithe Mystics

Target Road Tigers

St Joseph's Mighty Ferns

Torbay Keas

Torbay Pukekos

Upper Harbour Grasshoppers

Westminster Rubies

Year: Grade 4G


Forrest Hill Kakarikis


Glenfield Unicorns


Kristin Magic


Marina View Mystics


Oteha Bright Stars


Target Road Moonlight


Upper Harbour Dragonflies


Grade: Year 5A

Grade: Year 5B

Bayfield Blaze

Bayfield Bandits

Hobsonville Pt Dream Team

Dairy Flat Bumblebees

Marina View Warriors

Marina View Heat

St Joseph's Shooting Stars

Sherwood Terriers

Target Road Taniwha's

Torbay Dolphins

Torbay Sharks

Wainui Comets

Grade: Year 5C


Coatesville Cuties


Forrest Hill Fantails


Hobsonville Pt Hobby Spirits


Kura Turehu


Oteha Super Stars


Pinehurst Year 4/5


St Joseph's All Stars


Torbay Stingrays


Grade: Year 6A

Grade: Year 6B

Dairy Flat Hornets

City Impact Year 5/6

Forrest Hill Tuis

Glenfield Sparks

Glenfield Rainbow Diamonds

Hobsonville Pt Hercules

Oteha Shooting Stars

Mairangi Bay Mini Ferns

Sherwood Spaniels

Sherwood Labradors

Target Road Amigo's

St Joseph's Eagles

Wainui Rockets

Westminster Comets