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Every team requires an Umpire. As part of our commitment to the development of Netball for our young players we offer a variety of support to those….

General Guidelines
  • Only 3 minutes between games so please vacate the court quickly so the next game can start on time.
  • Coaches must ensure teams are on the court and ready to play when the bell commences play. If a team cannot field 5 registered players within 5 minutes of the commencement of the game the team will lose by default. (A Kidzplay Netball Umpire Mentor must be present to declare/confirm the win as allowances may be made in extenuating circumstances.)
  • Game balls are supplied. These need to be left on court for the following game.
  • Uniforms can be matching shorts and T shirts, with bibs being the team colour.
  • Players’ fingernails must be short and long hair must be tied back.
  • Players must wear suitable footwear (sports shoes).
  • No coaches or parents are allowed on the court during games. The playing area is for the players.
    Supporters are not allowed to stand at either goal/base lines, but are welcome along the court sideline.
  • Supporters and coaches must respect the umpires’ decisions – NO spectator influence will be accepted.
  • Please ensure that at the end of each game the scorecard is returned to the control table – without it there will be no result recorded.
  • NO disputes are accepted and scorecards cannot be changed after the game.
  • Basic First Aid supplies are available.
  • The Kidzplay Netball league is a learning experience for players, coaches and umpires.
  • Allow extra time to park safely. The council will issue parking tickets to those parking illegally.
  • Dogs (other than guide dogs) are not permitted on the school grounds. Please advise all supporters of this.
  • All Pinehurst School buildings and grounds are Smoke Free. Smoking is forbidden in ALL areas.
  • Bicycles, skates, skateboards, scooters or anything similar are not permitted in the court enclosure.
  • Parents are responsible for young siblings at all times. Please ensure children do not climb over the tennis nets.
Winter League Grading

Grading will be run over the first four – six weeks of the league (this is dependent on the team numbers and combinations). Year 1 games are non-competitive.

After grading has finished all teams will be put into a section and a draw will be issued for the remainder of the competition. Where possible we will not play semi-final and final games but this will be dependent on the number of teams in each section.

Players may not play in a lower graded team. Doing so will result in an automatic “loss by default” unless they have applied to interchange players.

Please note that we do not enter into discussion over grading decisions.

Spring League Grading

The Spring League is non-competitive. Depending on the number of registrations teams will be informally grouped to match skills and experience.

Draws and Notices
All draws and related information will be posted on this website. We do our best to get the draws out as quickly as possible each week. If you have not received the information by Thursday morning please contact us.

When necessary teams will be contacted by email or telephone using the information provided on the registration form.

All teams must direct any questions directly to their School Co-ordinators, Coaches or Managers in the first instance. The School Co-ordinator, Coach or Manager shall be the only person to make communication with the Kidzplay Netball Co-ordinator on the school’s behalf regarding any team changes or queries. 

All requests and complaints should be made by the School Co-ordinator or Coach and not by parents/team umpires/supporters.

Time Requests

Time requests are accepted for specific netball reasons. That is to assist in handling coach/umpire/player conflicts. They are NOT for teams who wish to elect a preferred playing time for non netball reasons.

Please note: Whilst every effort is made to meet time requests these cannot always be guaranteed due to conflicting opposition requests and/or other draw considerations. When an opposition time request conflicts, Kidzplay Netball will honour the request that best fits the draw at that time. We will do our best to ensure the draw is scheduled fairly.

Interchanging Players

Schools with teams with low numbers may apply to Kidzplay Netball for permission to interchange players within these teams. Kidzplay Netball will make the decision to grant the request if they consider it appropriate. Each individual case shall be judged on its merits.


Scorecards are picked up from the timing table closest to the game. Even though this is the responsibility of the umpire, we do ask each team to confirm the card has been uplifted prior to the commencement of the game. Please ensure that at the end of each game the score card is returned to the control table – without it there will be no result recorded.

Very important: Before the scorecard is returned to the control table at the end of the game, we ask all teams to please ensure that the score is recorded at the bottom of the card, both scorers have signed in the appropriate place and that the coaches have completed the back of the card. 

Please note: One person from each team shall stand together and ensure that the score is recorded on the scorecard. At the end of the game the scorecard must be signed by the scorer from each team and this is the only result that will be recognised by Kidzplay Netball.

It is the teams’ responsibility to ensure that the correct score is recorded during the game on the official scorecard.

NO disputes are accepted and cards cannot be changed after the game. No exceptions will be made.

If you are experiencing problems please send for an Umpire Mentor to sort it out during the game

Umpire Mentors/Officials

Kidzplay Netball provides Umpire Mentors who are at the courts to support ALL umpires and also to deal with all problems and issues that might arise.  These ladies are experienced umpires who will be available to offer advice and encouragement and to answer any queries that arise from time to time. Please do not hesitate to ask them for assistance if you have any issues at all during your games.

Please remember: If you have any problems during the games, please send for a Kidzplay Netball Umpire Mentor immediately to come and observe whilst the problem is happening as it is easier to deal with problems at the time.

NB: Complaints regarding umpiring decisions and scoring/scorecards shall not be accepted unless a Kidzplay Netball Official/Umpire Mentor has been called to the court during the game.

Wet Weather

We do not cancel any netball games due to the weather. If conditions become too difficult we may hold, break or curtail a game. 

Individual team managements can decide to default if they consider conditions are unsuitable. However, we do ask that you advise us as early as possible so that we can contact the other team or make alternative arrangements. We can be contacted on Saturdays on 021 172 9644.

Note that netball is primarily a winter sport and rain is not considered a safety hazard.

Players can wrap up warm with school jerseys or thermals. As long as the bibs are visible we are happy for extra layers to be worn.

If you are on court during a downpour your coach in consultation with the opposition coach has the right to decide to withdraw the team to shelter until rain stops/eases. However, please note that due to time restrictions (and other games continuing to play) the clock will continue to run and games kept to schedule.

If the Met Service have issued a Severe Weather Warning we will review the situation on Saturday morning and post a message on this website and our Facebook page as soon after 7.00am as possible.


Following a decision by Kidzplay Netball Officials responsible for the competition, cancellations will be advertised as follows:

  • Kidzplay Netball website: www.kidzplaynetball.co.nz will have a game status of play update and newsflash advising of the cancellation
  • Kidzplay Netball Facebook page
Complaints Procedures
  • Any complaint that affects the outcome of a game must be bought to the attention of a competition official (Kidzplay Netball Mentor or the Co-ordinator) during that game or immediately following the game.

  • Where a complaint lodged with a competition official (Kidzplay Netball Mentor or the Co-ordinator) during the game or immediately following the game is not resolved to the satisfaction of any party, that party may lodge the complaint with Kidzplay Netball by:

1.making the complaint in writing;
2.within 24 hours of the event being complained about.

  • Complaints regarding the BEHAVIOUR of the opposition team shall not be accepted unless a Kidzplay Netball Mentor has been called to the court during the game.
  • Complaints regarding the official SCORE will not be accepted. It is the teams’ responsibility to ensure that the correct score is recorded during the game on the official scorecard. If you are experiencing any problems, please send for a Kidzplay Netball Mentor during the game.
  • Complaints regarding UMPIRING decisions shall not be accepted unless a Kidzplay Netball Umpire Mentor has been called to the court during the game.
Lost Property

Every term there is a considerable amount of lost property left around the courts. We collect this property and put it on display each week at the control tables. Please check for anything that might be yours.

Anything not claimed, or able to be identified, by the end of the league will be given to charity or otherwise disposed of.

Map of Courts

Please click here to see the map which outlays our courts.

Changes to these guidelines/rules may be made at any time by the Kidzplay Netball management at their discretion.