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Every team requires an Umpire. As part of our commitment to the development of Netball for our young players we offer a variety of support to those….

Rules of Participation
Game Rules
  1. Year 1 – Year 5 teams MUST rotate positions each week ensuring that over 7 weeks each position is played. Year 1 will rotate fully in six weeks. This is to ensure that all players have the opportunity to learn all the positions. Substitutions cannot be made except when players are on a half game. Then the new player must go into the position vacated at half time. NO players can be moved around during the game.
  2. Year 6 teams play straight netball with no compulsory rotations of positions. Players may be swapped at half time.
  3. Each team is to supply their own umpire or pay $10.00 per game to use a pool umpire. Umpires must be over the age of 10 years (Year 6) and must have completed an umpiring course. Two umpires control the game in the Netball NZ format, with some small variance based on age group and ability.
    Refer to our Umpiring Guidelines on the Umpires page.
  4. Please note: Year 6, Year 5 and Year 4 Grade A netball will have qualified umpires (Junior Badge or higher qualification) for the competition round.
  5. NO jewellery Players are NOT allowed on court wearing earrings of any kind (including keepers), watches or other jewellery. Taping of ears or bangles is NOT allowed. No exceptions will be made.
  6. Players’ fingernails must be short and smooth and long hair must be tied back.
  7. Teams are required to list their players on the back of the scorecards in their playing positions.
  8. One person from each team on the scorecard at all times. NO disputes are accepted and cards cannot be changed after the game.
  9. Players CAN NOT play down a Year level/Grade. (Some exemptions for teams in lower grades may be approved.)
  10. Teams may enter combined teams, e.g. Year 1 may play in a Year 2 team, Year 2 in a Year 3 team, etc.
  11. A maximum of two boys may play per team. Only one boy per team is permitted in the goal circle at any given time.
  12. We expect supporters on the sideline to leave the coaching of the teams to the coaches, umpiring to the umpires and ask that they give only positive support to all.
  13. We expect teams and their supporters to respect the Kidzplay Netball officials, all umpires, all players and all coaches.
  14. Games will not be cancelled due to the weather. In the case of extreme weather warnings this decision may be changed. If an Extreme Weather warning has been issued by the Met Service a notice will be posted on this website if games are cancelled.
    See the FAQs page for further detail.
  15. Have fun!
Umpiring and Scoring

All teams must supply an umpire to control their game, unless advised to the contrary by Kidzplay Netball, or pay $10.00 per game to use a pool umpire.

Year 1: If providing your own umpire for this age group they must be an adult willing to work with our mentors.

Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6: All Year 4 Grade A, Year 5 and Year 6 teams will have qualified umpires (Junior Badge or higher qualification).

Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6: Kidzplay Netball will allocate qualified neutral umpires for Year 6, Year 5 Grade A and Year 4 Grade A in the competition round. These are to be paid for by the team.

Complaints regarding umpiring decisions shall not be accepted unless a Kidzplay Netball Official/Umpire Mentor has been called to the court during the game.


One representative from each team is required to be with the scorecard at all times. One is the scorer for the entire game, the other is an observer/caller for the entire game. The scorecard does not change from one team to another at half time. Both need to watch the goal being scored and the umpire signalling and ensure they record the goals as they happen. The scorers are placed between the teams on the Team Bench side of the court.

Please note: Failure of a team to supply a scorer means they must accept the score as presented by the opposing team on the official scorecard.

Complaints regarding the official score will not be accepted and cards cannot be changed after the game. It is the teams responsibility to ensure that the correct score is recorded during the game on the official scorecard.

Court Protocols (Courts A-F)

Team Bench side of the court is for both teams only (players, reserves, subs, coaches, and managers). Both teams are required to be on the same side of the court which at Kidzplay Netball is the Control Room side of every court.

Supporters are on the opposite side of the court (the Bush Road side of every court), away from the teams and management.

  • Game balls are supplied. These need to be left on court for the following game.

  • Only 3 minutes between games so please vacate the court quickly so the next game can start on time.

  • Teams need to be on the court and ready to start play when the bell commences play.

  • Uniforms can be matching shorts and T shirts, with bibs being the team colour.

  • No coaches or parents are allowed on the court during games. The playing area is for the players.

  • Supporters and coaches are not allowed to stand at either goal lines, but are welcome along the sidelines.

  • Supporters and coaches must respect the umpires’ decisions – NO spectator influence will be accepted.

  • The Kidzplay Netball league is a learning experience for players, coaches and umpires.

  • Basic First Aid supplies are available. Every team is responsible for providing their own First Aid kit for band aids and other small necessities.


During the competition round it is imperative that the rules are adhered to “in the spirit of the game”.


Changes to these guidelines/rules may be made at any time by the Kidzplay Netball management at their discretion.